• 12 april 2012 11 am
    Consegna sedie alla Fortezza da Basso.
  • 21-29 april 2012
    Sit-In Florence will partecipate in MART at Fortezza da Basso, Florence
  • 22 april 2012 10.30 am
    Conference "Manifattura e Formazione" during the MART at Fortezza da Basso, Florence.

The city of Florence wants to revive the simple existence of the chair. It is a creation of careful design and an international imperative for daily life. Anthropologically, the chair is linked to a lifestyle that incorporates the routine moments of everyday and infuses a sense of serenity into the slow and peaceful moments, enriching our lives with easy reflection, socialization and creativity.

The Italian lifestyle is encapsulated in the chair and specifically in Florence. Through the design and implementation of chairs, Florence became the capital of a modern lifestyle. This unique lifestyle is synonymous with the richness of everyday moments which revel in the peaceful passing of time, possible only in Florence. This here and now is unique and oft imitated but never duplicated. It seeps into the rhythms of contemporary life, combining the old and the new like nowhere else in the world: simply Florence.

Sit-in Florence rejects the tired and utilitarian existence of old chair designs. Instead, the project focuses on the essential and paradoxical elements of slow living in the city. By placing chairs in urban locations, this project represents form and function that invites people to stop and reflect or take a moment of rest and to drink in this unique city.

The contemporary art approach to Sit-in Florence assumes a fundamentally emotional interpretation of society, events, and facts of everyday and contemporary life. At the same time, the project breaks away from the institutional aspects and formal behaviors enforced by mainstream society. A kaleidoscope of emotions resides in the essence of the chair. It combines the value of the archetype of product design with the driving force of imagination and artistic creation.

As each chair interprets a contemporary theme of society, each artist is to customize a chair in accordance with the specifications provided by the faculty of SIT-IN Florence. The specifications will define the guidelines of the project but not limit the poetry of each artist but rather provide creative channels that can enhance the chair and give it a deeper meaning.

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